Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ships for the "Judicial Navy"

So, here's the background I've chosen to justify me fleet;

For those of you who know a little about Star Wars canon, the Ruusan Reformation effectively dissolved any organized military forces the Republic posessed in 1,0000 BBY. After the legislative power was for all intents and purposes removed from the Supreme Chancellor and restored to the Senate, the Jedi Order renounced their military ranks and disbanded their troops, placing themselves under the Judicial Departments' jurisdiction.

I will be ignoring the Reformation, as I feel that the concept of a Pan-Galactic government disbanding any organized combat forces it possesses as completely ludicrous, if not idiotic.

That said, I do believe the military would have been down-sized with the newfound peace, but would still be a viable combat entity. I foresee a large number of "Core-centric" designs, especially Corellian and Sienar Systems vessels making up the vast majority of the Republic naval forces.

Here's a breakdown of the ships I intend to use or model;

Capital-class Vessels
Chancellor-class Cruiser (SWMB Republic Cruiser)
Ambassador-class Cruiser (Micromachines Corellian Corvette)
Sentinel-class Light Cruiser (bash of Odyssey Slipways Corvette & SWMB Republic Cruiser)
Senate-class Light Cruiser (Modified SWMB Republic Cruiser)
Various Corellian Vessels, to be produced from bits and detailed later

Escort-class Vessels
CR-70 Corvettes (Odsy Slpwy 1/10,000 Corvette)
D-75 Gunships (Odsy Slpwy 1/10,000 Gunship)
Foray-class Gunships (Scratchbuilt)
Pelta-class Frigate (Scratchbuilt)
Corellian Combat/Star Shuttle (Scratchbuilt)
Command Frigate (Modified SWMB Republic Cruiser)

Eta-2 Actis'
V-19 Torrents

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