Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Murmurings

While Grouse hunting this afternoon my mind began to wonder...and this is what bubbled up;

Possibility 1

-Terrible Air-speeder crash causes loss of Palpatine's supporters

-Assassination attempts on Antilles' supporters fails

-Antilles elected Chancellor, Bail Organa becomes Senator

-Worried by his inability to foresee this outcome, Sidious is shaken enough for Maul to try and eliminate him

-Sidious/Palpatine fades from public view to allow for direct command of seperatist effort


Seperatists recieve more support from Outer Rim systems

Jedi unaware of Sith resurgence

Republic Navy begins slow expansion in face of increasing lawlessness

Ship/Weapons research sped up, leading to earlier deployment of various vessels and equipment

Clone Wars start on Geonosis, Republic is better prepared for open war

Clone Wars last longer

Possibility 2

-Existence of Strong Naval tradition leads to less Clone crews in early days of the war

-When Military Expansion Act passes, volunteers are directed towards the navy rather than army

-Chancellor creates "Expeditionary Fleets" for Jedi use, uses mostly clones

-Republic Navy fleets are more experienced, but most new equipment goes to Clone Armies creating animosity towards government

-Passage of Republic Security Act alarms many high-ranking officers, cementing the growing unease in non-clone forces

-Order 66 and war outside of Core progresses as normal, however volunteer forces revolt against Emperor

Republic fleet is numerically outnumbered initially, but has more experience

With the Military Expansion Act, more equipment becomes available to the volunteer Navy, however Clones recieve newer vessels

Volunteer Navy becomes resentful of their treatment and the treatment of Clones, many officers grow to oppose the "new" government

Upon issuance of Order 66, Volunteer Navy rebels against Republic/Empire, because of close contact with "free" military, more clones suffer madness from programming errors

Roughly 5% of clones openly rebel, especially in Spacefighter Corps, and side with Volunteer Navy

Formation of Alliance to restore the Republic, Galaxy is divided in thirds;

1/3 Loyal to Empire
1/3 Loyal to Alliance
1/3 Neutral, in hopes of avoiding the Civil War (mostly Outer Rim worlds)

Palpatines forced to sieze most of now de-activated Seperatist equipment to augment Imperial Forces

Alliance also siezes much Seperatist equipment, leading to oddly mixed fleets
Major Alliance worlds; Chandrila, Corellia, Alderaan, Rendili, Sluis Van, Sullust, Dac, Thyferra, Bothawui, Caamas

I prefer possibility 2. Next post shall have large photo update of current fleet and fighters. Also, I'll be outlining a 1/72 Hoth "Realism" project.

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