Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dreadnaught Test

Comparison-shot of 2 resin Dreads, 1 metal Dread, and 1 Modified Nebulon-B

Another angle; it was hard to decide what color to make the drive flare, but I like this light blue.

Paintjob was accomplished thusly;

Spray-prime in Black (Krylon Ultra-flat Black)
Base-paint in Charadon Granite (GW Foundation)
Dry-brush in Codex Gray (GW Paint)
Wash in Badab Black (GW Wash)
Drive-flare done with a mix of Prussian Blue and Titanium White (Liquitex Art Acrylics)

This achieves a decent table-top standard, considering I'm painting over 200 of the things, though the Katana will receive extra detailing, as will the extras for the Rendili Home Defense Fleet.

I may try to convert a few into Assault Frigates eventually, but that will wait until I have finished molding the first couple of hundred.

Dreadnaught Count: 118 Resin and 7 Metal

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