Monday, November 23, 2009

Back, with Epic Goodness!

Here's one of my "Traveling Palette", that I use to take my work anywhere within the household. There's about 4 companies of armor in different stages of preparation here.

In the foreground are a few of my tanks that are "closer" to completion.

My goal is a Vostroyan Armored Division with a TO&E like this;

1 Command Company (1 Chimera, 3 Centaurs, 1 Trojan, 5 Leman Russ')
7 Heavy Tank Companies (10 Ragnaruss' tanks each)
3 Tank Companies (10 Leman Russ')
1 Field Artillery Company (6 Earthshaker Guns, 3 Thudd Guns, 10 Centaurs)
1 Motorized Artillery Company (6 Basalisks, 3 Converted Medusas, 1 Trojan, 1 Centaur)
1 Motorized Artillery Company (6 Basalisks, 3 Medusas, 1 Trojan, 1 Centaur)
76th Krieg Reconnaissance Company (8 Centaurs, 2 Chimeras)
1033rd Vostroyan Super-Heavy Tank Company (3 Macharius Vulcans, 1 Stormblade)
33rd Krieg Assault Squadron (2 Gorgons, 1 Stormblade)
68th Independent Narmenian Tank Destroyer Company (6 Destroyers, 3 Vanqs)

(And don't even mention realism, as I am aware that the number of combat vehicles I have are ridiculous...but guess what? I don't give a the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is only Nonsense!!!!)

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  1. Hello! I love your stuff, and I hope one day you come back to blogger and see this! I'd love for you to update, or point me to a place where you've updated the Corellian fleet!